A Boks for mom & baby

Perfect for your family & friends upon the birth of a new baby, as a wonderful holiday gift or a way to brighten someone’s day!

Our Packaging

Because environment is a top priority at Wiggle Boks, we package our baby items in an elegant and recyclable box. Designed to be durable, the package can be reused to store your baby items and serve a reminder that caring about our planet can be cool & stylish!

Our promise to you

Our mission at Wiggle Boks is to make the journey to parenthood easier and less overwhelming. We’re here to help you get what you really need for your growing family. That’s why we lovingly build our Wiggle Boks to include things we love so you can try them out and see if they’re the right fit for your growing family.

We are proud to serve our community by giving 10% of our monthly profits to charity

We are honoured to support organisations and causes that relate to children's safety, education, development, and health care. Few of the many organisations and causes that Wiggle Boks is happy to give to - in Malaysia and across the globe include the Shelter Home for Children, Newborns in Need, Save the Children, and Islamic Relief.