How It Works

When you subscribe, we will personalise your box according to your baby's age and gender. Every month your box will grow as your baby grows, so you will get different items each month that are relevant to you!

*The final day for new subscribers to sign up is the last day of the month. Your box will be sent to you in the following month.

What is in my box?

Toys, books, feeding bottles, bibs, soap & shampoo, oral care products, and many more! Your box will include 5-6 full sized items, deluxe sized samples, and vouchers that you can use in store or online. (Vouchers are often for larger items like strollers, baby cribs, bath tubs, or for services like spa treatments)

You have full control over your account. If you would like to pause your subscription, or skip a box for the month, you can do so in your Accounts Page. For more information, please refer to our FAQs, or drop us an email.